Whether you’re savouring your favourite music or movie, the slender twenty5.sub, with its elegant Diamond Black finish, fits discreetly into any room and completes the audiophile experience. This combination of active electronics from PMC's renowned professional systems, our 400W Class-D ultra-low-distortion amplifiers, proprietary ATL™ and new Laminair™ technologies, and potent 6.5-inch high-excursion bass units, can faithfully reproduce frequencies down to 22Hz, and handle dynamic contrasts from the sonic complexity of a Hollywood blockbuster soundtrack to the filigree detail in a chamber music solo, with maximum resolution and precision-timed bass.

For the finishing touches, intuitive user control over EQ and filters allows for perfect integration of the sub with its listening environment — and with accompanying loudspeakers, because the twenty5.sub also makes an excellent addition to stereo setups. Partnered with the compact twenty5.21 or 22 speakers, the sub forms a powerful system; the twenty5.sub handles the low frequencies, leaving the left and right speakers to concentrate on the mid-range. The result is performance close to that of the three-way twenty5.26, but in a more discreet package.

PMC ATL - Advanced Transmission LinePMC-Laminair


22Hz – 200Hz

effektive ATL™



Tieftöner: 2x PMC 170mm g-weave cone with cast alloy chassis


400 Watt RMS Class-D


2 x balanced analogue (left/right XLR female)
(RCA unbalanced adapter provided)


1 x Parametric EQ
– Gain: -8.00 to +8dB
– Freq: 20Hz-150Hz
– Q: 1 to 8 in 0.5
Selectable LF rolloff slope: off (6dB/Oct, 12dB/Oct, 18dB/Oct)
Selectable LF rolloff frequency points: 50Hz, 80Hz, 120Hz, 150Hz, 200Hz
+10dB Gain: off/on
Phase reverse: off/on
Phase: 0-80 degrees in 5 degree steps


Höhe: 587mm (+20mm Spikes)
Breite: 200mm (274mm inkl. Standfüße)
Tiefe: 516mm (+9mm Bespannung)


25kg (Stück)


Diamond Black