With the launch of the twenty5 series, audio performance has been taken to the next level with the addition of the Laminair aerodynamic vent. Head of Design Oliver Thomas applied aerodynamic principles he had discovered in his previous employment in Formula One to ATL™, creating an even smoother, laminar airflow at the exit from the transmission line. ATL™ designs involve air moving at high speeds and under pressure, and Oliver showed that reducing turbulence and drag at the ATL™ vent reduces resistance, increases efficiency, eliminates air noise and provides bass with supreme timing and the ultimate dynamic range. The combination of ATL™ and Laminair takes audio quality to unparalleled new heights:
  • Faster, cleaner bass and higher-definition sound throughout
  • Turbulence is eliminated, increasing the efficiency of the ATL™
  • Removes air noise – only the music remains
  • Higher maximum output and bass with supreme timing and dynamics